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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and U!!

As I descend up the elevator to the 14th floor of Pushkin, clutching a present in my hand, filled with anticipation as the 1st ever X'mas party in pushkin draws nearer.

And one cant help but to notice the warm welcome as the elevator door draws open in front of u..

And a good job well done by the deco team who decorated the 14th floor magnificently, staying up all nite wit the utmost dedication to complete their task.

u be the judge..

and to contribute to this merry affair.. i was helping out in the gift exchange dept.

job description:

tag gifts!

the process..

the outcome..

there're bout over a 100 prezzies there!

ok here's how everything looks like b4 it all started..

then when the crowd arrived..

We have a ... there :



heck we even had a santa

sketch team

gift taggers!

and most of all..

the enthusiastic crowd!

after all the entertainment we ate and drank n talked and..

exchanged our gifts!

here's mine!
wanna noe wats in it?

i ripped the prez open and guess wat?

another soft toy to my collection!

now barney will nvr be alone!

LOL naughty naughty barney.. XD

Monday, December 22, 2008

A tale of a quiet chinese winter solstice festival

It was a chilly morning that day. The morning of December 21 2008. After a pathetic 3 hour sleep, i was awoken by an angry voice, belonging to Miss A ( names have been changed to protect the identity of the involved party ). It appears she is talking to her mom online. Well whatever the topic was my precious sleep was rudely interrupted. So i groggily pulled myself out of bed as i cant sleep anymore. I awoke wit a bad mood that morning. HATE it when someone interrupts my sleep. All the biology i was studying till late at night was still stirring uncomfortably in my head. The Christians of room 711 was getting ready for their White X'mas Ball that day. Without having to think twice i naturally grab my biology text book from the bedside and started reading as a horrible cacophony of sounds; hair dryer blowing away, gurls getting their hair curled chatting away and of course.. the early x'mas christmas joyful laughter.

Well thats jus the morning.

After they left for the ball at around 11.30 am ( i din wanna go cos i needa study for my bio controls the day after ), the entire room was quiet. DEAD quiet. Its all bio after that.

Then we, the Buddhists of room 711, got rdy for the Tong Ying Festival ( pardon me if there's a mistake, my chinese is noobish ). We cooked individually but ate together. Unfortunately we've no flour to make the tong yuen.

My garlic casserole =)

Jackie's stir-fried asparagus

Jackie's fried pork and bacon wit his signature chillimayo sauce

Puay Hua's stir-fried wo ngau pak ( i think thats how its spelled HEHE )

Puay Hua's pan-grilled salmon

Puay Hua's lam pek pek fried pork


Happy Tong Yen!!! lol ( i look BIG cos of my puffy jacket OK -.- )

Our bartender for the nite XD haha..

Chew. OUT.

Friday, December 19, 2008

End of a great battle but the war is far frm over..

The dreaded week is over!!! * jumps up and down*

Completed Bio Org Chem controls on Monday, Anatomy and Physics on Thursday and recently.. Gen Chem.

Nxt week i still have Bio on Monday, Latin on Tuesday, Anatomy on Thursday and Gen Chem on Friday.. ZZZZZZZ i hate it when all the exams come in one swift blow towards the end of the semester.

Gotta complete my oh-so-overdue lecture notes for Bio n Anatomy otherwise my lecturers wont be too pleased wit me!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bring on the onslaught

I'm gearing up for an oncoming manslaughter of massive proportions..

its inevitable but it can be done!

Its jus one of me.. against..

YIKES!!! 4 friggin controls in 1 week??!!

lets see..

Monday - Bio organic chem..

Thursday - Anatomy and Physics.. (HOLY @#$@#$@#$#$#$!!!!!!)

Friday - General chem..

DANG. I'm finished. *sobz*

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Sniffles.. Coughs.. Moans.. Gurgles.. Spits..

Welcome to Pushkin, where a recent flu epidemic broke out causing almost 50% of all Pushkin M'sian Moscovites to be down wit the common flu.

I unfortunately.. after 2 weeks of persevering this foul breakout.. am one of the casualties of the dreaded epidemic. My immune system must've went down after that sleepless nite studying anatomy last thurs.

Our oni weapons equipped against the war..

Cough syrup ( non sedative )

Vitamins and multivites..

And the most important weapon of all that we ALL enjoy using..


*cough cough* thank goodness i'm in my final stage of the common flu now.. *sniffles* wit a blocked nose and a very clogged throat wit thick, viscous phlegm and of course.. a very DEEP course voice which will disappear within a few days.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Around and about Moscow..

FINALLY i've the time to visit the tourist sites in Moscow after 3 months!!

If u havent visited Red Square, u have not visited Moscow! so i decided to take a day off ytd to go around moscow.. Starting the journey at the Moscow Zoopark which is free to all MMA students.. and then to Red Square.

Ok the zoo was pretty good.. but its freakin huge. It occupies both sides of the main road n there's an overhead bridge that connects both parts. I'm not gonna say much bout the zoo cos almost all the zoos r the same.. soo a few pics shall do it!

Thats us at the many ponds they have scattered wit lotsa ducks n geese.

The raccoons were all hiding. Here's one i manage to snap a pic of..

Animal statues XD

Snow owl

A polar bear that is trained to walk the same path over n over again for the whole day..

Mountain goat..

Me taking pics XD

Mountain goat again..

At the butterfly section.

A hornbill in moscow!

Madagascan cockroaches..

Looks familiar? go look at ur form 5 bio text books! ( chapter 4!! )

orangutan in moscow!! (s)he doesnt like to be stared at..

then we snap a final pic at a wonderful sculpture before leaving the zoo to go to Red Square..

haha.. then perfect timing we arrived at Red Square at sunfall. Jus nice when all the lights r on. there're 2 diff views in red square. during the daytime everything looks nice but when the sun goes down.. WOW.

Red Square at nite..

the museum..

Gum ( pronounced as goom )

huge ass x'mas tree in the middle of Red Square..

Lenin's grave..

The red clock tower..

the ministerial residences..

St Basil's Cathedral..

Entrance of Gum..

Balcony of the entrance..

When we entered Gum we were greeted by THRONGS of x'mas trees.. we decided to take pic wit EVERY single tree.. each having a unique design sponsored by each shop there.. btw Gum is the MOST expensive shopping centre in Moscow. oni the rich n famous shop n dine here..

Then we got tired n took the other row in 1 pic..

And head to the main x'mas tree in Gum..

walked out of Gum and.. POSE AGAIN!!

And did sumtin jakun outside of Louis Vuitton..

Entrance to Red Square..

Another nice x'mas tree in Red Square..

Some cool statue XD

Entrance to a park..

The eternal flame.. It is claimed that the flame can nvr be put out no matter wat u do to it.. being the actions of man or nature.. nothing can put it out. NO WONDER it is so well guarded.. so that NOTHING can go near it.. LOL.

Then we made our final stop at an underground shopping complex.. where they have beautiful fountains like this one..

Majestic.. it is located right below the World Clock. I'll be returning to Red Square after my finals to see the daytime view of Red Square..

PS: Sry there're so few words. i'm down wit flu ( Pushkin is having a flu epidemic!! )