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Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Don't Judge The Book By Its Cover" : A Biological Definition

Don't judge a book by its cover.

An age-old phrase used by many.

But really.. does it always apply for the typical cases?

The ugly person turning out to be nice? A person who looks gullible turning out to be a cheater?

Or perhaps..

A spastic child who is actually a genius?

Well i learnt a lil sumtin during my biology class. I think i might help answer some of the social probs around us.

Ever heard of the ever-so-familiar case where the child of the father ( blood group A ) and mother ( blood group O ) turning out to be of blood group AB gettin disowned or worst yet.. KILLED?

Well here's an explanation for u ppl having second tots whether that guy/gal is ur child/sister/brother.

This can be explained by the Bombay Phenomenon.

Bombay Phenomenon: a rare recessive trait at a locus that ordinarily manufactures H substance, the precursor from which the A and B phenotypes are elaborated; the mutant causes failure to produce H substance and no matter the genotype at the ABO locus, the phenotype is O. The Bombay Phenomenon is epistatic at the ABO locus.

Here's the case:

A wife has blood group O. Her husband is homozygous for blood group A. The wife's mother was homozygous for blood group B. The wife's father had blood group O. The wife had a child with the blood group AB. This is due to recessive epistasis. The wife actually has the blood group B phenotype she received from her mother but the gene was suppressed by a rare epistatic gene and the former did not manifest its action.

Dun understand wat the heck i'm tryin to explain? No worries.. i din understand my professor at 1st too. Here's sumtin to make it easier to comprehend:

2 black mice mate... ending up having white offsprings. Get it?

So if ur child is totally different from u n ur spouse.. Dun think that ur spouse has cheated on u. This cud jus be explained by genetics. So..

Don't judge a book by its cover.