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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Heavens..

rain their tears down


Malaysians in Moscow beat themselves down

for the upcoming colloqium.

GL HF to all of us


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Control Season is about to begin

Physiology control next wednesday.

Anatomy control next next thursday.


physiology still needs a lot of revision. hardly understand the excitation tissues. the hyperpolarisation and depolarisation stuff.

but i've a very good feeling bout my anatomy.. Neurology. this is my forte! i shd be able to score in this. understand most of it so far =)

Gyri and sulci : Checked *tick*

more sulci : checked *tick*

errr.. needs revision *tick*

gonna miss the smell of those brains when i'm done wit it =)

ignorance is your new best friend

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i love it when u say.. suction cups

practical class on how to promote local blood flow using suction cups.


Monday, September 14, 2009

I shd be..

FRIGGIN ASLEEP AT THIS HOUR. 1.30 am n im still awake. Medic Care class at 10 am summore. =O

oh well..

I'm loving the apartment my frens rented in Frunzenskaya. excellent place.. haha filled wit Ikea furnitures. went over to their place for "house-warming" n chilled out a while.

after that.. for the 1st time ever, i went to Starlight Diner for dinner together wit a few seniors (Jiawen & Jeremy wit their unstoppable egg threats) and my buddies (Veether, Teng Kang, Terry and Gabriel).

I din noe wat to order.. so my frens recommended the Shawn Big Burger and the Snickers milkshake.

oni 3 letters cud describe those 2.


The Snickers Milkshake. GodLike!

ZOMG! The massive Shawn Big Burger. eat this = confirm GG

and wats great food without great company? =)

loving the clarity of the pics taken by my 8.1 megapixel SE W995 xD


missing my close frens back in m'sia + have a safe flight to UK Braces Boy

well then.. i guess its time tooooooooooooo........

Thursday, September 10, 2009

i dun wanna be a frog..

1st PROPER physiology class today.

1st experiment too.

experiments on excitable tissues. so we need..


quite an interesting experiment today.

walked into the room.

Yuri Vaguine was sitting down. a jar was nxt to him wit a frog in it. without chloroform whatsoever, he took it out wit his bare hands and placed the lower blade of a dissecting scissors in between the frog's jaw, the upper blade placed right behind the frog's eye and CRUNCH off the frog's head. frog's cant feel pain according to my professor. then he destroyed the brain, further cutting the frog's abdomen into 2. then he removed the muscles in the abdominal region to reveal the spine ( vertebral column ) and showed us the meaning of physical stimulation of the nerves. as he slowly destroyed the spine, the frog's legs were twitching.once that was done, he cut off the frog's leg wit the sciatic nerve still attached ( and of course.. a piece of the vertebral column attached to the other end of the sciatic nerve ). he cut off the webbed feet and smiled as he removed the skin and said " like removing tights off women's leg ". no wonder ppl stereotyped doctors as perverts.. =)

that was jus the process. i captured it on video but sadly.. i din save it *sigh*
the interesting part of this experiment is when he attached electrodes in the frog's naked femoral muscle and another pair of electrodes in the sciatic nerve. then we can actually make the muscle twitch at our disposal by adjusting the amount of volts supplied to it.



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Does these spell D-O-O-M ?

New subjects eh?

As excited as everyone will be upon receiving "new" ( new = books i nvr receive b4, not brand new books fresh frm the publisher ) books frm the library, the excitement seemed to have died the instant I was introduced to the subject by my professors.

Scary but interesting subjects..

FINALLY some medical related subjects compared to 1st yr. Plus its so fun to be learning medical care IN a hospital. 1st lesson for Medical Care was goin round the hospital learning bout the organisation of a hospital n being briefed bout the work system in a ward. N we learnt how to use a wheelchair properly. Haha..

Its been a week but the workload has already piled up. Work so much till everyone sleeps in a funny way. In a hostel full of medical hostel u can expect to see funny sleeping antiques like sleep scolding, sleep walking, sleep talking, SLEEP SINGING ( i heard my bro hummed negaraku in his sleep b4 according to his roommates ) and many more la..

Since young my dad mentioned i slept in a Buddha position b4.. i cant imagine myself in that position. well my bro took a pic of me in one -.-

I guess its revenge for the video i took of him >=)

Well anyway.. there's always a nice rainbow after a heavy downpour rite? well my rainbow is 90210 season 2 !!!!!!! WOOOHOOO starts today!!! XD

k la have to study for my Physiology MCQ tmr.

Peace out

Sunday, September 6, 2009



Your blogger is currently BURIED under biochem & anatomy hometasks.

Have a nice day =)