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Monday, January 19, 2009



Some well deserved EXERCISE! its been like wat... 4 months? since i've had a decent sweat-out. i gotta say ping pong doesnt make the cut to be classified as "exercising".. but badminton.. now thats wat i call exercising! lol..

1st time badminton-ing in russia! went wit bryan, jackie, puay hua and li fang. arrived at Pervomaiskaya station and realised we din noe the way to the badminton hall. so yea.. so wandered around aimlessly till by chance bryan realised the road was familiar.. n voila! we're there. too bad we arrived 40 minutes early. the tennis players r all still there. so we gotta wait till they switch the court frm a tennis court to a badminton court. yeap its a multi purpose court. which means the floor is loaded wit lines.. which makes it difficult to actually have a decent game of badminton.

Russian standard. lol.. heck their shuttlecocks r not the goosefeather type. its all plastic! means a few strokes n they'll break n crack. while they were playing i was having a chat wit the coach. apparently he notices who has n who has not been there b4. so he was like asking me y have i not been there earlier? so i explained the usual... exams.. no time.. now hols.. so got time la. he seems frenly. best part is he noes english! lol..

anyway.. i guess leaving ur racquet idle for 4 months really DOES do justice to the phrase "let it rot". a few strokes and smashes.. CRACK!

Yeap.. it snapped. couldnt stand the pressure huh? lol.. lets have a closer look!

After that i was forced to borrow one of the coach's racquet. then everything was ok. hopefully this bunch of ppl get to enter the MMA team.. haha!

Its as if the picture couldnt agree wit us more XD

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Semester 1 has officially ended

Good morning upper east siders..

OK.. finishing the whole of gossip girl season 1 did NOT do me justice. haha..

My 1st sem has officially ended on the 15th jan.. without a happy ending. Ok perhaps my bio org practical finals maybe good.. but i nvr was good in bio org chem theory. i oni manage to snag a meagre 3 for the total score for finals. mediocricity isnt sumtin i'm used to rite now. so yea.. not a good thing. i figured it might be perhaps my lack of understanding in this dreaded subject that caused my.. oh-so-embarassing grade. i HATE it when i din make the grade.

guess i'll be spending my winter break bucking up for sem 2. heard there's a new chem sub waiting for us in sem 2. n it MIGHT be Biochem. JUS GREAT... another chem subject. physical chem i can handle. but organic chem is a big headache for me. anyway i jus cant wait to start owning in other subs again like i used to.. as a confidence booster XD haha..

so yea.. finishing up lecture notes is wat i'll start wit.

U noe u love me, XOXO


Monday, January 12, 2009

Bio org chem finals: Phase 1/3

Day: Sunday
Date: 11/01/09

ok. 1st day of the bio org chem finals spree. was super worried bout it.. din noe wat to expect. so yea... hence the sleepless nite. gotta thank my buddies Chia Wen n Wee Lim for keeping me company online while i was studying the nite away ( "studying" ). yeap no sleep for me. though i did had a few power naps b4 the clock struck midnite. so yea that shd suffice. at 6 am, woke Bryan up for him to do this thing while I took my bath after.. err.. *counts fingers* 4 days not bathing? HAHA I NOE I NOE! spare me the "eeewww u're friggin disgusting.." or " guys.. lazy buggers who dun bathe.." OR "thats so unhealthy!.." comments. i jus din sweat or got dirty. besides.. i din even stink. BUT THATS not the point. the point is i bathed! haha.. ok ok lets not dwell on that subject. i've frens here who din bathe for at least a week so yea... some solid facts to justify myself XD

ok ok we left our hostel in a BIG grp as a precaution to avoid further cases ( refer to last post ) happening. speaking of which... i received news frm my china roommate that the china gurl who got stabbed.. passed away on this very same day. and the guy returned to our hostel safely. so yea.. Ken Li overslept. so the big pack moved along to the bus stop. while me Bryan n Puay Hua waited for Ken Li. u wudnt believe the weather that morning.. snowing like mad. thank goodness there's no strong winds.

Yeap.. still dark at 7.30 am.

ok fast forward to the part of the practicals finals.

here're the instructions..

The instructions r simple. follow the steps given on the instruction sheet starting frm step 1. record observations, write chemical equations n a conclusion. we're given an unknown organic chemical. if test is positive proceed to the nxt step and if the test is negative proceed to a specified step. once finished tell the examiner wat u think ur chemical is and get ur grade. if u're wrong u've to go for a 2nd attempt. that'll deduct ur marks. we're graded frm a range of 1 to 5. 1 and 2 being fail and 3 pass, 4 good, 5 excellent.

my unknown chemical. haha my variant was Task #11. So yea.. i started wit Step 1. a test to detect the acidity properties of the solution. it was positive! friggin excited.. haha. proved the existence of the -COOH grp in my solution XD was crossing my fingers for step 2 as if the test is positive for test 2, u've completed the practicals exam. but darn it... mine was negative. so its not tartaric acid. so i proceeded to step 3. positive! my solution has a reducing ability. i was ecstatic at this stage. beaming happily to Puay Hua whom i think i annoyed throughout the whole practical haha..

Ok Step 4. The detection of oxalc acid. test was.. POSITIVE! hell yeah! concluded my solution is oxalic acid. was 2nd in my class to finish the earliest so i decided to take my own sweet time to complete my lab report.

oh.. did i mention i got a 5? HAHA no big deal la everyone in my class got a 5. haha.. so yea.. no biggie XD

but i cant help feeling happy bout this..

haha look at that.. wat a beauty.. lol!

after that i was having fun kacau-ing the rest who r still doin n a lil helping the needy.. haha.

ok... enuf blogging here. gotta finish reading my bio org text book for Phase 2/3 n 3/3.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Russians: Unfriendly, barbaric and jus plain sour grapes.

For those who dunno this.. Russia ain't a frenly place. There're 2 grps here that's a threat to us foreigners. 1st there's the drunkards. u wouldnt wanna be near them when they're drunk. 2ndly and the most dangerous of them all.. the skinheads. this grp of ppl r the foreigner-haters.

so u think russia is a nice place? here's the down side of it. i've heard many stories bout this skinheads b4 i came here. din expect to witness it all n hear it 1st hand when i'm actually here. the peak day we shd all be afraid of is their Hitler's birthday. they all worship him so yea.. they bash ppl up for fun i guess.

so yea here's wat happend this past few weeks since now my hostel area is a "hotspot" for this bunch of clowns. on our x'mas celebration is pushkin.. a year mate of mine.. went out alone to get a present for the occasion. when he returned home.. he got bashed up. i arrived home frm my bro's hostel n saw him in the main lobby wit blood all over his face n slashes ( i think its slashes la.. ). apparently they used glass beer bottle n smashed it in his head. i HEARD ( not sure true anot ) he got 7 holes in his head. but rite after the party i went over to his room n saw his head bandaged. lucky thing he's ok now la. then there's a case where a korean gurl got blown up. this ppl put a grenade in the hood of her downfeather jacket.. n it exploded there without her knowing it was there. went to hospital but din make it out alive. and this week itself 3 ppl gt stabbed. not sure who but all frm my hostel. then.. rite after i arrived back to my hostel frm grocery shopping a grp of chinese met the same fate. a chinese gurl n guy got stabbed. here's wat happened. they're travelling in a grp of 3 or 4. then 2 russian dudes approached them n asked " r u chinese?" b4 they cud answer they got stabbed. they were bleeding so badly they cant even walk back the short distance into the hostel n laid there wit their frens by their side. luckily some passer by saw them lying on the ground bleeding. this jus happened not long after this post was posted. n they jus got sent to the hospital. so yea.. to all u m'sians who r in russia now.. be careful!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bye 1st sem.. hello bio org finals!

today was the last controls for bio org chem!! wheeeeee.. but this is jus a short-lived break. guess wat? bio org chem finals is this friggin sunday! sunday, thursday and friday! zzzz.. n i nvr liked chem.. haihs oh well time to end my 1st sem wit a bang ( hopefully! )

can u imagine i've been in moscow for.. 3 months?? it jus flew past.. jus liddat! omg b4 i noe it i'll be back in m'sia wit my beloved family and frens.

ok thats jus my usual self ranting bout how long i've survived russia. now.. jus sumtin i'd like to share that i spotted at a local Jusco-like shop today after my final bio org chem controls.

check this out..

Can u guess wat is that? lets have a closer look shall we..

Congrats to those of u who guessed correctly. for those who din.. i dun blame ya. haha.. thats sea salt rite there. cost? 839 roubles. approximate conversion to m'sian currency = RM120

lol 120 bucks for salt. aiks.. remind me that moscow is the most expensive city in the world pls. lol wei..

then i passed the choc section. n OMG wei this'll drive u choc lovers nuts. the place is loaded wit good stuff!

*drools* thats jus the Ferrero section. there're more chocs but ppl were staring at me taking pics. haha.. too bad they cost a bomb. haihs..

then i bought sumtin new to treat myself for surviving all the bio org chem controls.

Hehe.. bacon flavoured Pringles. yummy... yet to be opened. i'm sure it wont last the nite. ravenous hungry guys here.. wit appetite big enuf to devour a horse whole. lol..

k then. peace out!

Monday, January 5, 2009

HARPEE BUFFDAY kangkung kang!

To one of my closest buds..

Happy 19th birthday alex kang wai keat! it may be past 12 back home but it aint here! hahaha..

here's the joker whose been there for me and made my life worse when it was already bad enuf LOL..

and here's one for the good ol' days u old chap.. since i wont be seeing u at all this yr ( much to my dismay )..

keep in touch mate! happy birthday again n keep being ur goofy self!

peace out XD

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YR! welcome 2009!

happy new yr ppl!

Wish u ( my family, readers and fans! HAHA ) a very prosperous and a sucess-filled new yr!