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Monday, April 20, 2009

Dangers of improper use of public toilets

Ladies and gentlemen..

This post is meant to create awareness to u ppl who use public toilets..

The following pictures maybe.. disturbing to some..

So here's how a mediocre inconsiderate citizen will use the toilet to avoid being in contact wit the filthy surface of a filthy public toilet.

Yea.. they squat on the toilet bowl wit their shoes on.

Here's a proper way YOU shd do it..

Or else... ( here's the part where u dun scroll down if u cant stand gory pictures.. )

Jus in case u really dun wanna look at the pictures.. A case was reported when a girl sat on the toilet bowl.. and the toilet bowl broke while she was sitting in it, causing.. well.. umm.. lets jus say its a REALLY HUGE cut.. a huge chunk of meat got cut off *shudder*

wanna see it? SCROLL DOWN!


So pls becareful.

Its better to be safe than sorry.

Take care.