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Monday, July 6, 2009


Can my week be filled wit anything but gays??? LOL..

Wat a day..

1st: Went OU cold storage to get "supplies" wit Tsen Yi, Ming Xiang and Kevin for our Redang trip starting tmr nite.

2nd: Yum cha in Little Taiwan wit the same dudes.

3rd: Went Kevin's house.. hang out at the park behind his house till the sunset ( romantic but unfortunately.. wit dudes -.- )

4th: Supposedly go steamboat near my house.. but closed. @#$@#$%%$^ restaurant! So we ended up in Parkcity.. but food there sux so we went mamak near my house. LOL!

Tsen yi's air limau has a layer of oil on top of his drink. i dun think he'll be coming back to that mamak ever again.. haha.

And to add the cherry on top of the cake.. the Redang trip consists of.. 10 guys.. AND.. ONE gurl. LOL!

Gay much?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Picking up the pieces

WOW. last update. in May??? HAHAHAHA...

ok erm.. update time..

left moscow 17th june. touched down KL 18th june.

met up wit lots of frens. still havent met up wit a lot of frens oso..

went a lvls annual ball on the 25th june ( i think.. cant rmbr ^^ )

then went up genting on the 30th.. came back down to FRIGGIN hot KL on the 1st of july..

then the rest of the dayz r filled wit bummingz...

i iz very sorry to ki jun for bailing out on the many eventz he called me out too.. dude i iz sincerly sry. haha.. will make it up to u bro!

and this coming monday nite i will be leaving to redang.. the A52 Grp C Gay Trip. 10 guyz n 1 gurl. lol wei..

so thats out it..

oh yea.. welcoming my dad to the Chew Medical Faculty. all hands on deck! lol..

n i jus have to say this la.. if my family, frenz and the food.. m'sia will be a sucky place. A FRIGGIN FIERY HOT wasteland filled wit wanton ppl.

haha ok peace JOKEZ ( shuming style )