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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Я Любить Анатомии Чѐлобѐка!!!

Ok my internet connection was expired for a few days now..

Here's wat happened these past few days..

Thursday ( 27/11/08 )

Anatomy class.. finally get to see a cadaver!!

But.. Its not wat we expected..

The cadaver is practically.. ROTTEN.

I jus hope our anatomy oral examination does not involve the cadaver.

Here's how the cadaver looks like..


Scroll down quickly if u dun wanna see it!

Here's the dude. We can barely study his muscles. There's practically nothing left!

The other anatomy lecturer showing us the facial muscles.. Its all shredded!! Cant see nothing!

We ( the ones who cud stand the smell ) stayed back after the lecturer left tryin to identify the muscles during our break time. Thats us with the 1st cadaver showing us the muscles of the back.

And thats the anterior part of the 2nd cadaver.. ( notice the gloved hand at the bottom of the pic.. proof that the cadaver is a dude )

After we returned to class i still had some spare time so i went over to my frens' class and i saw this..

YUMMY.... You DEFINITELY noe wat is that..

Ok then after that our lecturer went off topic ( as usual ) about India and showed off his new camera ( Canon ) and camcorder ( Sony ).
He jus randomly came into class with the box and started taking pics of us but unfortunately he doesn't noe how to operate his camera.. LOL wei n he got his favourite student to show him how n take a pic or two for him wit half the class.

Clearly he doesn't noe how to operate it either.. LOL.

The he spent the rest of the lesson amusing himself wit his camera.. He asked us to "self-study".. which he always does. haha funny fella..

Friday ( 28/11/08 )

The day went on as usual.. With Gen Chem in the morning and Physics lecture in the afternoon. Nothing interesting till i was on the way back with Puay Hua.

At Kurskaya Station.. i was walking towards the train. Suddenly someone grabbed my hand. I was so scared i tot i was gonna get mugged or sumtin.. But turns out that guy asked me in Russian.. "R u frm M'sia?" WOW. Surprised but relieved altogether. I was surprised i understood his Russian n capable of answering him back in Russian too. I replied " Yes i'm frm Malaysia". He said he was frm Bangkok and asked whether i'm studying in MGU.. I said NO i am studying in MMA. Then he asked whether i'm studying engineering but i said no i'm studying medicine n he smiled n asked me wat yr am i in. I said i'm in yr 1 n he stated he's a computer programmer working in Moscow. Then he advised me to do well in my studies and master Russian Language better. We shook hands and parted ways. That incident made my day. Always a pleasure to meet a frenly face close to home..

Went home wit a smile on my face after that..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A frenly snowball showdown

OK. Wat happens when u mix a mini blizzard with absolutely jakun m'sian students?

Allow me to illustrate to u..

Roll up a HUGE snow rocking chair..

Or perhaps.. Jus sit down n laugh to yourself in the snow..

And maybe.. jus maybe.. set free the inner child within u..

Who wud forget bout the snowmen?

Perhaps.. a frenly snowball fight? Yeah thats wat we did alrite.

This is our battlefield..

These are our patriots..

And our nemesis

The outcome:

Total annihilation.. NOT~~

But someone frm another grp who had their snowball fight b4 us actually got hospitalised. no idea who is it but they must be really engrossed in their match and got over-enthusiastic..

However we noe how to play it clean so all of us returned to our hostel after that unscathed.

Here's how we keep it real..

Hurl generous portions of snowballs to someone..

Dodge a projectile if u have to..

Help the fallen..

BUT no one seems to be interested in helping me. I've been gangbanged 4 TIMES damnit.. Y ME??!! LOL..

LOL but all is fair in love and war..
No one got hurt and everyone returned home relieved of the exam stress..

BUT that was wat happened last sunday.

Well lets see.. This week.. On Monday I had Bioorganic Chemistry controls.. Not sure of the outcome yet..
and on Tuesday ( ytd ), i had my Latin controls. Got a 5 for it. haha another 5 in the pocket! After Latin i had Russian class for 2 hrs straight and returned to my room EXHAUSTED. The oni way to relax was to cook myself dinner and finally get to watch a movie.. We medic students do not have much time to spare for such luxuries as watching movies frequently.

So i cooked myself some porridge and laboured my bottoms on the bed and watched..

To those who have not watched this movie yet.. I strongly recommend u to give it a try. Its a very interesting movie about a man ( William Wilberforce ) who fought hard to abolish the African slave trade and contributed on making our world a better place.

I'm gonna be up all nite studying anatomy for this thurs so.. Peace out!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

BEST choc label.. EVER!

OK when i 1st saw this i was like.. LOL wei.

honestly i have nvr ever seen any choc with such an appealing wrapping wit an even more eve-catching name to it.

i give u..


And check this out.. behind this there's a "no girls" sign. Damn funny!!

Now y is this choc so anti-female?
Makes u think doesnt it?
wat did they PUT in this choc??
hehehehe i wonder wats in this stuff..
lol.. i hope nothing unusual will happen to me after tasting it.. XD

Friday, November 21, 2008

Of Russian Winter and Bitter Exams

Another 5 for Anatomy Controls added!!

After a sleepless nite on Wednesday.. my efforts finally bear fruits for the not-so-dreaded syndesmology controls held on Thursday morning ( ytd ).

Yesterday was a crazy day. We were one of the few unlucky groups to have 2 controls back to back on the same day. Anatomy then Physics. A tough subject and the latter being my weakest subject. All in the same day. Thank goodness i breezed through the earlier control, also successfully obtaining a "very good" comment frm my lecturer. All those late nites up studying really paid off!

Ok we were jus goofing around in between study sessions..
After most of us KO for the nite.. Oni 2 of us were left studying at nite.. And finally, only I was left studying alone, in a peaceful n serene environment.

But sometimes staying up studying all alone can be a pretty lonely situation. So i have my ever-so-faithful study mate to keep me company..

Ok that was the exam part.

Now the winter. A constant snow fell on Russian soils on the nite of Wednesday, eve of Anatomy and Physics controls day.We 1st yr students were.. in a nutshell.. EXCITED.

When the snow 1st fell, we couldnt care less putting on our winter clothing. We jus rushed outside in shorts, t-shirts and slippers/sandals to savour a proper 1st snow.

These r the 1st few ppl to lay their hands on the freshly fallen snow.

And perhaps.. a friendly snowball fight?

Making my presence felt on the snow XD

After a while.. i started feeling cold. My legs and hands were numb with the cold. I was SHIVERING!

Then after all those short-lived fun we've to return to our Anatomy atlas studying..

Welcome to the world of syndesmology, the study of joints. Thats the shoulder joint illustrated in the pic. My head is filled wit all the important ligaments of the shoulder joint. Especially the ligamentum glenohumerale superius, ligamentum glenohumerale mediale, ligamentum glenohumerale inferius, ligamentum coracoacromiale etc etc..

The nxt morning ( ytd's morning, me having no sleep at all ), we left our hostel only to be greeted by a continuous torrent of snow accompanied by brutal winds that cuts straight to the bones. It was like a mini blizzard!!! we were all walking towards the bus stop wit a lot of snow falling on us, looking like walking snowmen. Me, according to my frens, look like a rolling snowball. WTH wei.

Thats the violent mini-blizzard. I can hardly snap a proper pic. The snowfall is jus too glaring. After the torrential snowfall, Moscow looks like this.

Thats the view outside my Physics classroom. Shortly after i finished my Physics controls.

After Physics controls, we did a little camwhoring in the park and headed back home.

On the way back.. more snowball fight! And my desperate attempts to make a huge ass snowball.

And now we HAVE to look forward to studying..