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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Halfway thru..

Its jus 22 more days left on the calendar for me. Jus changed my flight one day earlier.. will be home on the 18th of june!!!

Lately.. wit the wet weather and crazy exam marathons and all.. everything seems to be..


Feels like everything around u is jus closing in on u.. wit the heavy pressure on ur back telling u to do ur very best for the upcoming exams. WOW. come 22 days and this great burden will be lifted!

besides.. the one and only joy one takes pleasure in removing this great burden is the fruits of ur effort. whether ur marks r bad or good.. it doesnt matter as long as u noe u tried ur very best.

Today was my last General Chemistry class. Gonna miss my lecturer. she's one of the few who actually took interest in us foreigners. and one of the few exceptional lecturers who actually took effort to rmbr ur name too. heck she even bought a book about Malaysia and asked us questions bout M'sia.. and as usual, she tot i was a Malay -.-

and after that my FINAL Latin exam. EVER. managed to bag in an avto5 but its no biggie considering the fact that Yuri isnt as scary as Galena.

C'mon guys.. few more days! jus 3 weeks! persevere....... must persevere.....

28/05 Anatomy Zachoot ( veins )
Russian oral exam

30/05 Histology Zachoot

05/06 Physics Finals

09/06 Biology Finals

15/06 Gen Chem Finals

Saturday, May 23, 2009

When will it end??!!

1st week of exams have finished. i still have.... 27 more days to go home! 25 days till my last paper is over. omg when will it end??!!

Thats the paper that determines ur final day of torture and the beginning of a momentary freedom..

n somehow.. its like a tradition.. my 1st zachoot signed will be that of Physics!!

waiting to do my oral exam..

Answering my lecturer's answers.. ( thank God i cud answer everything.. )

Signing my zachoot! hahaha..

ok this post was random. jus taking a short break b4 another week of hell.

photo credits goes to Puay Hua who stole my camera and snapped this during exams. lol..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Dawning of Hell on Earth

The final sprint of my 1st yr of medical life is here. The oh-so-stressful final month!

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's wat I have. I'm having my anatomy "attempt" control ( i dun even noe wat the heck thats supposed to mean ) in 10 hrs time. Then nxt week.. ohoho nxt week...

Monday: Physics zachoot
Wednesday: Gen. Chem written finals
Thursday: Anatomy and Russian control

and the following week...

Tuesday: Latin zachoot
Wednesday: Bio zachoot
Thursday: Anatomy zachoot
Saturday: Histology zachoot

jus when u tot its gonna end.. FINALS r following suit after those exams. i guess thats the price u have to pay for 2 months of holiday at the end of the term.


back to nerding now.

no sleep tonight =/

Sunday, May 10, 2009

С Днём Побѐды!

Happy Victory Day to all Moscovites!

Ok that happened on Saturday. Havent had the time and mood to blog. Anyway.. Saturday me and my frens met up wit my bro and his frens to see how Moscovites celebrate their Victory Day. Its kinda a big celebration here.. sumtin like our Independence Day.

Met up wit everyone at Spartiv then travelled to Park Pobedi ( Victory Park ).

Everyone waiting for Kelvin.. he 4got to bring his passport and student card!

And welcome to Victory Park!

1941. According to Mama Dolores its the yr the Russians and Germans fought alongside and triumphed. And 1945 the Russians fought against the Germans in Berlin and defeated them Germans, wit a casualty toll of 20 million Russians dead. Tell me if I'm wrong.. lol.

Enthusiastic Russians..

This event appears to have a huge press coverage. There're more news vans than these.

And they have an orchestra there!

Oh.. wats Victory Day without the war veterans?

Both civilian and military folks give them war veterans flowers to show their appreciation ( i guess )

A beautiful Orthodox church..

The main sight to see at Victory Park: a memorial/pillar with the name of every city in Russia carved on it.

and of course.. the statue on which the logo of Russia is based on..

and so we left Victory Park..

only to find out that they shut down all subway trains coming to Victory Park. Must be some security measures.. So unfortunately for us we've to walk and take a bus to Kievskaya.

Me and Chien at the Arch at Victory Park.

and so we left Victory Park to Kievskaya and then to... ( i 4got the name of the station -.- ) and begin our cruise on the Moscow River.

At the initial part of the cruise there were lots to see.. but towards the end.. it got pretty dull. and most of us fell asleep on the cruise. lol..

Approaching Red Square..

St. Basil's Cathedral

The Kremlin Palace

The buildings frm left to right : Cathedral of the Annunciation, Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel and Ivan, the Great Belltower.

There're so many cathedrals!!! i dunno the name of this wan..

A magnificent statue in the middle of the river.

At the end of our cruise.. you can see Russians chilling by the river..

At night frm our hostel we can see fireworks! so much better than the ones in M'sia..

Oh, and a apartment building got engulfed in flames in Yugo. It was so big we cud see the glow of the fire frm my hostel.

And thats that.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A good day!

Today's weather was perfect! not too hot, not too cold. windy and shady... aaaah PERFECT!

so y waste such a good weather? plus its a holiday!

Went down to the hostel grounds and played sports the whole evening. Basketball, roller blading, badminton... and to top it off, Cloud and I started learning how to shuffle.

Still at the noob stage.. wont post any pics or videos of it yet. haha.. looks like 2 fellas have taken liking towards hardstyle music too! =D

back to studying! ciaoz..

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Rite Of Passage Into Adulthood

Happy birthday to MEEEEEEEE! XD

I turned 18 on the 29th of april!

I'm finally an adult.. and as a new member of this group of people, my buddies decided its best to bash me up to welcome me into the adult world. haha.. well its hard to explain wat they did to me. the videos will do most of the explanation for me. lol..

Sneaky ppl scheming.. haha.

Notice the red salad bowl they put over my head? according to Bryan its filled wit cream, chicken fats, chicken blood and God noes wat else they dumped in it. lol..


i. love. this. picture. XD

How can i not love my frens? haha.. thx for the present =D *wink wink*

The magazine they got for me is loaded wit pics of guys btw. HAHAHA so there's nothing much to see! but appreciated altogether =)

Haih. I am cursed wit a.. LOW. ALCOHOL. TOLERANCE. they loaded my cup 50% vodka 50% juice. cud oni manage to gulp down 3 mouth fulls. hahahaha.. then after that my nose n stomach was burning. whoooooooo!

so lets see..

earlier that day my brazillian fren poured a whole bottle of perfume on my head.

then later on,

i was stripped half naked. creamed on the face. got shit dumped on my head. egg smashed on my head. flour thrown on me. drank vodka.

u think thats over?

the nxt day in the anatomy department, the ppl who missed my b'day bashed me up.


5-6 guys kicked n punched me. hahaha..

i am now an ADULT!

Wanna thank:

My family and frens who wished me.

My buddies who celebrated my b'day wit me.

Ellen who called me all the way frm Australia to wish me and Carmen who WANTED to call me from Malaysia. ( she no credit T.T )

For the FHM magazine * wink wink * hahaha..

Peace out =D

Viva La 18 XD