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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and U!!

As I descend up the elevator to the 14th floor of Pushkin, clutching a present in my hand, filled with anticipation as the 1st ever X'mas party in pushkin draws nearer.

And one cant help but to notice the warm welcome as the elevator door draws open in front of u..

And a good job well done by the deco team who decorated the 14th floor magnificently, staying up all nite wit the utmost dedication to complete their task.

u be the judge..

and to contribute to this merry affair.. i was helping out in the gift exchange dept.

job description:

tag gifts!

the process..

the outcome..

there're bout over a 100 prezzies there!

ok here's how everything looks like b4 it all started..

then when the crowd arrived..

We have a ... there :



heck we even had a santa

sketch team

gift taggers!

and most of all..

the enthusiastic crowd!

after all the entertainment we ate and drank n talked and..

exchanged our gifts!

here's mine!
wanna noe wats in it?

i ripped the prez open and guess wat?

another soft toy to my collection!

now barney will nvr be alone!

LOL naughty naughty barney.. XD


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