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Monday, December 22, 2008

A tale of a quiet chinese winter solstice festival

It was a chilly morning that day. The morning of December 21 2008. After a pathetic 3 hour sleep, i was awoken by an angry voice, belonging to Miss A ( names have been changed to protect the identity of the involved party ). It appears she is talking to her mom online. Well whatever the topic was my precious sleep was rudely interrupted. So i groggily pulled myself out of bed as i cant sleep anymore. I awoke wit a bad mood that morning. HATE it when someone interrupts my sleep. All the biology i was studying till late at night was still stirring uncomfortably in my head. The Christians of room 711 was getting ready for their White X'mas Ball that day. Without having to think twice i naturally grab my biology text book from the bedside and started reading as a horrible cacophony of sounds; hair dryer blowing away, gurls getting their hair curled chatting away and of course.. the early x'mas christmas joyful laughter.

Well thats jus the morning.

After they left for the ball at around 11.30 am ( i din wanna go cos i needa study for my bio controls the day after ), the entire room was quiet. DEAD quiet. Its all bio after that.

Then we, the Buddhists of room 711, got rdy for the Tong Ying Festival ( pardon me if there's a mistake, my chinese is noobish ). We cooked individually but ate together. Unfortunately we've no flour to make the tong yuen.

My garlic casserole =)

Jackie's stir-fried asparagus

Jackie's fried pork and bacon wit his signature chillimayo sauce

Puay Hua's stir-fried wo ngau pak ( i think thats how its spelled HEHE )

Puay Hua's pan-grilled salmon

Puay Hua's lam pek pek fried pork


Happy Tong Yen!!! lol ( i look BIG cos of my puffy jacket OK -.- )

Our bartender for the nite XD haha..

Chew. OUT.