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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today is..

World Men's Day?? lol. yea it is. it is OUR day! except u ladies of course LOL. ur time will come in March.. well today's the day where the Russians pay their respect to their male national heroes and comrades.

it is also the day where we guys torture the girls in doin stuff for us. LOL jus jokin..

we dun celebrate this day.. but who cares?? its a holiday! more time to prepare for my bio colloq this coming wed! oh man can't seem to rmbr the facts about the 7 parasitic worms we're studying:

i ) Ascaris lumbricoides ( roundworm )
ii ) Enterobius vermicularis ( pinworm )
iii ) Ancylostoma duodenale ( hookworm )
iv ) Wuchereria bancrofti ( filarial worm )
v ) Onchocerca volvulus ( filarial worm )
vi ) Dracunculus medinensis ( guinea worm )
vii) Trichinella spiralis ( pork worm )

Oh well.. no time to waste. back to my best buddies.. THE FRIGGIN WORMS!!!