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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Its been...

AGES since i last updated my blog. ALOT has happened since i last updated. well 1st of all lets describe my winter hols..

its mostly spent doin:

1. cooking and eating my routine meals =)

my mushroom omellete

chinese cabbage wit mushroom

Macaroni bolognese?

Sandwiches ( when my raw materials r depleted )

2. Studying

3. Sleeping ( credits to my frens who love snooping around taking pics of sleeping ppl )

the stupid hippo nxt to me is not mine! it belongs to a very annoying girl who accomplice wit the guys! lol..

then hols were over in a flash!

b4 we noe it.. we're back to..

travelling to classes in the metro..

attending lectures..

goin crazy in anat classes wit our crazy lecturer..

Mr. Anatoli!!

Then there was a particular event where we can prove ourselves worthy as medical students! and play doctor XD

meet careless Ong Puay Hua.

*psst* he tryin to act cute.. not workin! lol..

well here's the deal. he was carryin all the cooking utensils back. the brand new knife on the chopping board and the chopping board was on top of everything else. then there's the nasty habit of the boys in 711 to leave their winter boots lying around. the boots r THICK n TALL. when stepped on.. poor puay hua stumbled forwards n down went the knife. slided down the chopping board and dropped INTO his leg. and a precise angle where the tip was facing his leg. then...

JUICY wound. ngam ngam kena vein somemore.

then we did wat was necessary ( thank scouts for my 1st aid! XD )

and bandage!

and within a week.. it was healed! ( honestly i tot he needed stitching.. tot its gonna leave a scar.. but it din! i'm a pro! lol.. )

and that concludes.. my eventful absence frm my blog. i hope i saved my blog frm ICU. nyahahaha!