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Thursday, February 26, 2009

I realised..

that lousy lenglish can somehow be good in a way. somehow.. the lecturers favour those "cinapek" students whose english is terrible. we who whose proper english dun seem to get our msg across. hence.. the students, similar to the lecturers wit horrible english, almost always get a 5. looks like i've to take a leaf outta their books to start scoring a damn 5 in bio!! no matter how smart u r.. or how're knowledgeable u r, ur marks depends on the lecturer's mood. sigh.. frustrating day!

so i returned home frustrated.. and no appetite to eat. so i decided to make my very 1st caesar salad wit buddies for dinner. WOOHOO check it out..

alrite.. gonna prepare for tmr's anatomy n russian class. helluva long day.. gonna need my sleep!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today is..

World Men's Day?? lol. yea it is. it is OUR day! except u ladies of course LOL. ur time will come in March.. well today's the day where the Russians pay their respect to their male national heroes and comrades.

it is also the day where we guys torture the girls in doin stuff for us. LOL jus jokin..

we dun celebrate this day.. but who cares?? its a holiday! more time to prepare for my bio colloq this coming wed! oh man can't seem to rmbr the facts about the 7 parasitic worms we're studying:

i ) Ascaris lumbricoides ( roundworm )
ii ) Enterobius vermicularis ( pinworm )
iii ) Ancylostoma duodenale ( hookworm )
iv ) Wuchereria bancrofti ( filarial worm )
v ) Onchocerca volvulus ( filarial worm )
vi ) Dracunculus medinensis ( guinea worm )
vii) Trichinella spiralis ( pork worm )

Oh well.. no time to waste. back to my best buddies.. THE FRIGGIN WORMS!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Its been...

AGES since i last updated my blog. ALOT has happened since i last updated. well 1st of all lets describe my winter hols..

its mostly spent doin:

1. cooking and eating my routine meals =)

my mushroom omellete

chinese cabbage wit mushroom

Macaroni bolognese?

Sandwiches ( when my raw materials r depleted )

2. Studying

3. Sleeping ( credits to my frens who love snooping around taking pics of sleeping ppl )

the stupid hippo nxt to me is not mine! it belongs to a very annoying girl who accomplice wit the guys! lol..

then hols were over in a flash!

b4 we noe it.. we're back to..

travelling to classes in the metro..

attending lectures..

goin crazy in anat classes wit our crazy lecturer..

Mr. Anatoli!!

Then there was a particular event where we can prove ourselves worthy as medical students! and play doctor XD

meet careless Ong Puay Hua.

*psst* he tryin to act cute.. not workin! lol..

well here's the deal. he was carryin all the cooking utensils back. the brand new knife on the chopping board and the chopping board was on top of everything else. then there's the nasty habit of the boys in 711 to leave their winter boots lying around. the boots r THICK n TALL. when stepped on.. poor puay hua stumbled forwards n down went the knife. slided down the chopping board and dropped INTO his leg. and a precise angle where the tip was facing his leg. then...

JUICY wound. ngam ngam kena vein somemore.

then we did wat was necessary ( thank scouts for my 1st aid! XD )

and bandage!

and within a week.. it was healed! ( honestly i tot he needed stitching.. tot its gonna leave a scar.. but it din! i'm a pro! lol.. )

and that concludes.. my eventful absence frm my blog. i hope i saved my blog frm ICU. nyahahaha!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tagged by Charis T.T

OMG I GOT TAGGED?! well.. uhm.. okay this is weird *fiddles wit fingers* oh well.. T.T

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you have to write a note with 20 random things, shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 20 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you choose them.

1. well lets kick start this tag wit sumtin more subtle cos.. 2o things bout myself is TOO MUCH! lol.. Name's Chew Chang Fu.

2. i'm the youngest among 4 brothers and we are all in the same field: Medicine ( nope.. no sisters T.T )

3. both my parents are in the education sector. so yeah.. we're all properly guided. am proud of it!

4. i love.. LOVE cooking. in fact.. cooking is sorta like a stress-buster and therapy to me. i'm constantly on a lookout for new recipes and even created a few recipes of my own.

5. since i love cooking.. i gotta love eating too! otherwise whose gonna finish up all those food? haha..

6. love music! all kinds of music EXCEPT jazz. jus cant stand it. dun ask y.. i jus cant. there's not one day i cant listen to music.

7. AFRAID OF THE DARK! its not the darkness that scares me actually.. its the "things" that lurks within the darkness. yea yea i noe i big boy dy yada yada yada.. better to be safe then sry rite? though afraid of the supernatural but i'm strangely fascinated by it. i'm not weird.. jus unique XD

8. love animals! specifically dogs, cats and hamsters.. used to have LOTS of hamsters ( home breeding program? LOL ) but they're all in my garden now. heh.. n i have a cat!

9. makes funny noises suddenly. dun mind me.. its a random thing.. my family n roommates have experience wit it.

10. dreams of visiting all 7 wonders of the world ( the one b4 they changed it in 2008 )and collecting their replicas as proof. currently i oni visited 2, which is the Eiffel Tower in Paris and The Great Wall of China in Beijing.

11. always hyper and crazy. also emo n impatient.. but there's always room for improvement. currently working on my impatient-ness. very very bad..

12. dun like talking when i'm travelling around moscow to classes and shopping. its NOT that i keep thinking bout girls ( as Bryan always think i do ), but i jus dun like talking among the russians. and sometimes i'll be reflecting on sumtin or thinking of the good old time i had wit family n frens back in m'sia b4 i came to this $h!thole we all call moscow.

13. love my family and ALL my frens back in m'sia. cant live without these ppl.

14. enjoys taking pics.. QUALITY pics that is. some ppl find it annoying to take pics wit me cos every shot must be.. a quality shot. and i cherish every photos i have n keep them very very well. pictures r memories.. u lose them u lose that part of ur life.

15. enjoys scouting very much. used to be very active in scouts but due to lotsa restrictions.. and of course.. higher priorities.. neglected scouting and have forgotten the joys of it.

16. pressures myself too much. though my parents sometimes feel like i've no sense of urgency n therefore dun work as hard as i cud for my exams, ppl dun realise how much pressure i put on myself.. tryin to keep up wit the trail of glory my 3 elder bros have left for me. it aint ez.. but its possible to be achieved.

17. dislikes ppl who dun practice wat they preach. they can tell me NOT to do sumtin but in the end i see them doin the very thing they told me not to do. jus make me lose my respect for them. for example.. ppl who ask to keep in touch but they dun do it and when i try to make an effort they nvr seem to bother.

18. has this big ambition of becoming a renowned neurosurgeon when young n neurologist when not so young. for those who dunno neurology is the study of brains n the central nervous system.

19. loves to collect lots of things.. even junk sometimes. i've a coin collection.. stamps.. replicas of famous buildings.. keychains.. n the list goes on.

20. my most favourite place in a house is the kitchen. it is the place where ppl bond n of course.. make culinary delights! when i've my own house my kitchen will be the best place to be!

sry i got no one to tag. everyone seems to be tagged!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


jus when all seems to be lost.. an unexpected turn of events occured! finally.. a glinter of hope at the end of a dark tunnel!

my korean housemate who have always been leaving 'souvenirs' behind in the toilet when he drops bomb ( u noe wat i mean! ) everyday for the past 5 months FINALLY shifted out of the room! now there'll be clean toilet bowls.. now if oni the china dude will leave my room.. there'll be smoke-less air for the rest of the yr!